Edyn Blair

Edyn Blair Edyn Blair
Edyn Blair @ CuckoldSessions.com
Edyn Blair might be one of the greatest cuckoldresses this site has ever seen. How so? For the very first time on this site -- and perhaps anywhere on the net -- Edyn dominates, humiliates, and severely destroys the psyche of not one, but two cuckbois! Look at poor Jay Wimp, for example. His pathetic cock and balls have been locked up far too long. So long they're swollen. Just look at them! It appears Edyn will "play nice" when she finally releases Jay from chastity. But not Edyn Blair. Image what CBT (cock-and-ball torture) must be like after months and months of back-up and a severe case of blue balls! Meanwhile, Fluffy Slave (you heard right, this loser actually named himself that) is forced into clean-up duty for the first time ever, which results in a creamy beard. I didn't even mention the 6'5", muscle-bound stud Jax Slayher, who stretches out Edyn's pussy before unloading directly into it! This update will leave you speechless.
Edyn Blair Edyn Blair
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Capri Anderson

Christina is one of those sassy and luscious 19 year olds you always wanted to get a piece of. She's wearing a super firm corset that pushes up her cleavage while she talks about the last porno DVD in. I'm digging her Daisy Dukes, as it shows off a perfect denim cameltoe. Brunette college slut Christina takes off her daisy dukes to show off some playful panties that she pulls up to frame her coochie. They give her a pair of innocent thong panties for the ultimate cameltoe. While she insisted that there was no way she was going to do anything but nude modeling, once they got her backside and pussy lips oiled down she was all about some wild pounding.

Teanna Trump

Teanna Trump Teanna Trump
Teanna Trump @ CumBang.com
Teanna Trump and her man are having a guest house built on their property, and they've hired Lockwood & Associates to build it. The good news? The work crew is ahead of schedule and under budget. The bad news? Teanna and her man didn't get the loan they had hoped for, so they're back out trying to secure another one. How are the guys going to get paid in the meantime? To be honest, Teanna's not sure...and since her man is out of town on business, no one's there to have her back. She's all alone with a 9-man work crew, all of them expecting their pay check. What's a girl to do? Offer up her mouth, for starters. For some, that might be enough...but not for Lockwood & Associates. They want some pussy, too. And after that, Teanna is either going to have her face blasted or swallow! Cause that's how Lockwood's crew rolls.
Teanna Trump Teanna Trump
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Liza Rowe

Liza Rowe Liza Rowe
Liza Rowe @ InterracialPickups.com
She may be an adult, but she still lives under her parent's roof, so this means when it's time to fuck, Liza has to sneak them in. Today, while her parents are out of town, barely-legal brace-face Liza Rowe is going to entertain the biggest cock she's ever seen in her life. He's black, of course, and he goes by a single name: Mandingo! Liza's going to do her best to choke all 13 inches of that massive rod down her throat. After that, it's time for Mandingo to destroy her tiny, barely-legal cunt. Will it even fit? Can she take 'Dingo balls deep? Based on her sexual history (mostly white boys), the answer's probably no. But watch and see. In the end, Liza's got a belly full of sperm, and she's dick drunk. Can you blame her?
Liza Rowe Liza Rowe
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Michelle Honeywell

Allow me to introduce Michelle the meat stick. Why is it that the skinny petite girls have the plumpest twats? This cutie from Alabama showed up with a fat camel toe that we could see bulging from her cotton lingerie. My “boy” Dave Pounder pulled Michelle’s thongs so far up her muff that her eye balls almost popped out of her head. Dave said she had a really deep cooche and she sucked a good penis. After we oiled up her butt Dave bent her over the sofa and banged the shit out of that dirty little cameltoe toe.

Savannah Fox, Romeo Price

Horndog, Romeo Price is cruising for some street meat when he sees his step-sister, Savannah Fox pimping herself outside on the corner! He swears not to tell anyone about Savannah's hooker tendencies just so long as she sexually service his own pervy needs! Once at his crub, he peels off her super tight shorts and worships her awesomely thick bootie. Seconds later, she's kissing and choking down on Romeo's long prick, using that talented tongue ring to get him super hard. Romeo finger bangs her swollen pink slit and is shocked when Savannah suddenly explodes with female cum straight out of her pussy! It's seriously like a damn waterfall!